Driving Sustainability

Merely two months ago, the BMW Eurokars Auto Grand Klasse Ball demonstrated a meticulous commitment to sustainability. Held at The St. Regis Singapore's Caroline Mansion, the event showcased scrupulous planning aligned with sustainability principles, from conceptualisation to material selection.

The event's design incorporated sustainable innovations, featuring a modular photocall and stage designed for adaptability and reusability, promoting resource efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The use of wood laminate, sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Eco Plywood, and eco-friendly spray paints adhered to stringent sustainability standards.

Caroline Mansion @ The St. Regis Singapore was chosen for its luxurious ambiance and robust sustainability initiatives. From energy-efficient lighting to comprehensive waste management and native plant landscaping, the venue seamlessly aligned with BMW Eurokars Auto’s sustainability goals.

Material selection and usage reflected a dedication to waste minimisation, exemplified in the carpentry process emphasising efficient machinery use and offcut repurposing. The end-of-life plan affirmed a commitment to sustainability by retaining key structures for future events.

In audio-visual aspects, LED lighting and local sourcing for AV equipment prioritised energy efficiency and reduced the carbon footprint. Sustainable procurement took centre stage, engaging 12 local suppliers, while printing materials adhered to FSC certification and soy-based inks, showcasing a commitment to environmental responsibility. In the food and beverage domain, a focus on organic and locally sourced options underscored responsible catering practices.

The event's environmental footprint, encompassing energy, water consumption, GHG emissions, and waste management, reflected meticulous planning. In conclusion, the BMW Eurokars Auto Grand Klasse Ball was not merely a milestone celebration but a beacon of sustainability in the events industry. It demonstrated that grandeur and environmental responsibility can harmoniously coexist.