BMW Retail.Next

BMW Retail.Next, a new retail concept for all BMW Group brands, is designed to provide a holistic experience for customers throughout every online or offline interaction they have with the dealership. It not only includes a design overhaul, but new digital technologies and new customer facing roles and processes that will provide every customer with a best-in-class premium experience. From the moment a customer engages a dealership, he/she can expect personalised interactions, connected experiences and proactive service across all channels. We aim to deliver them the ultimate retail experience.

The new BMW Eurokars Experience Centre spans nearly 796m2 and is the first Retail.Next concept space in Singapore. In addition to a brand-new stylish interior, the space boasts multi-functional areas, as well as shared and open spaces, with the customer’s comfort and experience in mind. The warm and inviting environment allows customers to explore our latest vehicles or lifestyle collection, or comfortably wait for their vehicles to be serviced. New digital technologies, such as Emotional Virtual Experience (EVE) and POS.Digital, are seamlessly integrated into the space to engage customers and inform them of the latest products and services.

This latest concept is a testament to everything that the BMW Group stands for – aspirational, premium design, innovation, digitalisation, professional teams, and a superior customer experience befitting a luxury brand.

Spanning an expansive 796 square metres, the BMW Eurokars Experience Centre boasts a sleek and modern interior design. The space is thoughtfully designed to provide customers with an immersive experience, and curated with multi-functional areas, shared spaces, and open layouts, all meticulously designed to prioritise customer comfort and experience.

The Eurokars Experience

A warm, progressive and inviting environment has been created to cater to the customers’ wishes and needs, from the moment they enter the Centre.

  • An integrated Welcome and Customer Consultation area provides convenience and comfort for all customers to explore their desired car. If they prefer more privacy, a Sales Lounge is also available.
  • Customer consultation is carried out, with the help of 3D digital configuration tools, allowing customers to visualise their future BMW, interior and exterior.
  • 10 cars can be displayed at any one time in the Experience Centre, with a selection of high-performance models in the dedicated BMW M area, or Luxury Class models.
  • The Multifunction Bay can be used as an exclusive space for vehicle handovers, VIP consultations, presentations, or exclusive new product launches.
  • Various seating arrangements throughout the Experience Centre accommodate customer’s needs, such as working while waiting for their car to be serviced.
  • The BMW Café and Customer Hospitality area, exudes a relaxed ambience and comes with a wide selection of refreshments.
  • Suspended ceiling elements come in contrasting shapes and structures to highlight points of interest to the customer.
  • Elements such as plants and green walls underline the brand’s sustainability and electrification credentials.


The customer experience is further enhanced by the availability of digital tools, such as the Emotional Virtual Experience (EVE), a 3D-rendering software that presents vehicles in almost photo-realistic quality during the consultation and sales process. Thanks to EVE, customers can view their configured vehicle and explore it from all available angles, including a detailed look at its interior and exterior and experience it in different environments during the day and night.

Customer Support

A total of eight Mechanical and Electrical (M+E) work bays are also available, with the latest equipment and tools standardised by BMW, providing even higher levels of service convenience to customers. To support existing and new EV owners, six dedicated charging points are also located in the customer parking area.

BMW Eurokars Experience Centre

Level 2, Eurokars Centre,
11 Kung Chong Road, Singapore 159147

Opening Hours:
Monday – Saturday: 8:30am – 7pm
Sunday & Public Holidays: 10am – 6pm

Media Enquiries

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Senior Marketing Executive
BMW Eurokars Auto