BMW Eurokars Auto's Desaru Breakfast Drive: A Delightful Adventure in the Rain


BMW Eurokars Auto recently hosted its inaugural Breakfast Drive to Desaru, Malaysia, and it was an eventful drive to remember. Despite the stormy weather, enthusiastic customers gathered early at the BMW Eurokars Experience Centre for registration and a pre-drive briefing. Undeterred by the rain, they set off in two convoys of ten, showcasing their passion for driving and their trust in their BMW vehicles.

The adventure began as the convoys crossed into Malaysia via the Tuas Checkpoint. After regrouping at the Gelang Patah Petronas Station, participants navigated through rain-soaked roads with a sense of camaraderie and excitement.

The drive from Tuas to the morning’s breakfast spot - Yard & Co covered 135 kilometres of mostly highway driving, ensuring a smooth and timely arrival at the breakfast destination in Sungei Ringgit at precisely 8 AM. The participants enjoyed a hearty breakfast, fuelling up for the day's adventures.

Yard & Co. is a cosy seaside café that is about a 30-minute drive from Desaru. They offer massive breakfast plates and desserts like milk mochi, while basking in the ambience of the sea.

The café features an al fresco dining area on the deck, which is one of its highlights. However, due to the inclement weather, we chose the cozy indoor setting, staying warm and dry while still enjoying the serene sea view. Mr. Jason Lim, Managing Director of BMW Eurokars Auto, began the event with a welcome address to our esteemed customers. Following him, Ms. Charmain Kwee, Group Executive Director of BMW Eurokars Auto, expressed her excitement at the impressive turnout for our first breakfast drive. Everyone was all smiles, and just as breakfast was about to be served, the atmosphere was filled with anticipation and joy.

After breakfast, the agenda was a 30-minute drive to Desaru Fruit Farm. The farm has been developed to contain more than 100 species of fruit trees and plants, along with some animals in the petting zoo, a paintball activity space, and a go-kart track as well. However, with the rain, we only got a chance to shop for fresh local produce and catch a glimpse of the unique animals in the petting zoo. This stop was a delightful addition to the trip, allowing everyone to savour the local produce and enjoy the scenic beauty of the farm.

Before heading back to Singapore, the convoy made a pit stop at the Gelang Patah Petronas Station to return their walkie-talkies. The drive back to Singapore was primarily on highways, allowing customers to truly experience the power and performance of their BMW cars. The open road provided the perfect setting for some exhilarating cruising, making the return journey as enjoyable as the morning drive.

BMW Eurokars Auto extends heartfelt thanks to all participants for making the drive memorable. There’s no better way to spend a Saturday than with like-minded BMW enthusiasts, all eager for some open road cruising. We look forward to hosting our next drive event and creating more unforgettable experiences with you, our esteemed customers.

Thank you to our esteemed customers for joining us on this incredible journey. See you at the next BMW Eurokars Auto Drive!

When life gives us puddles, we make a splash. In our inaugural cross-borders drive, we conquered 323km and rainy conditions in style, travelling in a coordinated, yet exhilarating convoy of 26 vehicles to Desaru and back. Watch the full video here!