Adrenaline will course through your veins in the new BMW M4 Competition Coupé as you dominate the roads at rapid speeds with sublime design and heart-throbbing performance. Now is the time to satisfy your thirst for thrill.

Safety That Shines Through: Elevate visibility on the roads with radiant LED headlights and eye-catching rear lights featuring laser technology for the picture blend of safety and style.

Aesthetics In Your Grasp: Accelerate into thrilling action with a flat-bottom steering wheel that sharpens handling and ignites your sense with the dynamic spirit of track racing.

Sleek To The Core: Every detail within exudes sportiness and elegance, from the Carbon Fibre M interior trim to the carbon steering wheel decorative trim and shift paddle.

Pace. Just Blistering Pace: Revel in the embodiment of iconic BMW M performance, delivered through 530 hp with M xDrive for unrivalled rip-roaring experiences.

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