The new iX2

Elevate your experiences with the first-ever 100% electric BMW iX2, a Cat A COE model that seamlessly combines performance, versatility and sustainability into an innovative design. Make your adventures real with its distinctive look, indulging in the wonders of discovering the world around you without leaving a footprint.

iX2 body kit

Styled With Purpose: Meticulously crafted, the M Sport Body Kit offers not only eye-catching aesthetics but also enhances the vehicle with a streamlined design for maximum aerodynamic performance.

iX2 wheels

Every Bend Made Breezy: Feel empowered with 20” M light alloy wheels that provide maximum handling over all terrains and unshakable confidence at every turn and bend.

iX2 seats

Comfort For you Is Joy For The Planet: Woven with the environment in mind, the sport seats with sustainable Veganza upholstery offer the perfect balance of comfort and athleticism, tailored for all your driving needs.

Own the electric moments of life. Be the first to discover THE NEW iX2 up close.

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