A Night to Remember: 7 Senses by BMW

7 Senses by BMW


The 7 Senses by BMW was a multisensory soirée that redefined the very essence of luxury and sensory delight. This exclusive event offered our distinguished guests a mesmerising journey, promising an evening that evoked their seven senses - taste, touch, smell, hearing, time, sight, and art.

A Luxurious Start

The evening began with an elegant touch of sophistication, as each guest was chauffeured in the luxurious BMW 7 Series from their homes. This seamless journey to the event's secret destination set the tone for an evening of opulence and anticipation. The destination was revealed to be an enchanting, historical black-and-white colonial house nestled at 7 Adam Park, a location steeped in history and charm.

Immersive Activities

Upon arrival, the adventure unfolded with a series of unique and immersive activities designed to engage and delight the senses. One of the first experiences was the opportunity to design bespoke perfumes under the expert guidance of @ScentbySix. Guests could create personalised scents that captured their individuality and essence, guided by the intricate knowledge and skill of the perfumers.

7 Senses by BMW

The creative ambiance continued as guests crafted typewritten haikus with the talented art collective @TheQuills. This activity blended the art of words with the tactile elegance of typewriting, allowing guests to express their creativity in a beautifully nostalgic manner.

Into a New Realm

7 Senses by BMW

The sensory journey did not stop there. Guests were transported into another dimension as they were given the opportunity to learn about the newest technologies and features in the BMW world through augmented reality.

An Icon Behind the Icon

In attendance at this luxurious event was Mr. Renzo Vitale, Creative Director of Sound Design for BMW, MINI, and Rolls-Royce, who flew in specially for the occasion. He has collaborated with world-renowned composer Hans Zimmer to produce BMW IconicSounds Electric, the distinctive driving sounds heard in cars such as the BMW i4, BMW i4 M50, and BMW iX. Mr. Vitale also shared insights into the extensive time and creative process involved in creating the sounds that define the BMW electrified lineup.

Exquisite Cocktails

7 Senses By BMW

Complementing this auditory experience were custom drinks crafted by renowned mixologist James Bandril. Guests were encouraged to customise their drinks based on four scents: citrus, smoky, herbaceous, and tea. Each cocktail was meticulously designed to tantalise the taste buds and elevate the evening's atmosphere.

A Culinary Symphony

The pinnacle of the event was undoubtedly the bespoke seven-course culinary journey, curated by none other than MasterChef-winner Woo Wai Leong. Each dish presented was a masterful symphony of taste, texture, aroma, and presentation.

Chef Leong’s creations intertwined elements of taste, touch, smell, hearing, time, sight, and art, crafting a truly multisensory dining experience. Every course was a testament to his culinary genius, leaving guests in awe of the flavours and artistic presentation.

A Memorable Conclusion

7 Senses By BMW

As the enchanting evening drew to a close, guests were once again chauffeured in the luxurious BMW 7 Series back to their residences. The ride back provided a perfect moment to reflect on the extraordinary experiences of the night. The memories of the BMW 7 Senses Experience, with its blend of luxury, creativity, and sensory delight, were etched into their minds, promising to remain a cherished memory for years to come.

In every aspect, from the luxurious transportation and the historical venue to the personalised scents, typewritten poetry, immersive virtual reality, exquisite cocktails, and the unparalleled culinary journey, the Seven Senses by BMW was truly a night to remember. It redefined what it means to experience luxury, leaving an indelible mark on all who attended.